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6 questions about tornado insurance

If a tornado struck your home, would you be covered by your insurance? And what about your vehicle?

Here are six questions and answers to help you better understand tornado insurance.

1) Does my home insurance policy cover wind or tornado damage?

Yes, whether you are a tenant or a homeowner, home insurance policies generally cover damage resulting from strong winds or a tornado. The first thing to do, if not done, is to contact your insurer as soon as possible.

2) What happens when an evacuation order is given?

Persons with home insurance may be reimbursed for additional living expenses for 14 days.

If their residence has suffered damage that is covered and requires temporary relocation, insured persons will be entitled to reimbursement of these expenses for a longer period of time, within the limits of their insurance contract.

3) What are these additional living expenses?

These are the additional costs you have to pay because you cannot reside in your home.

Example: If it normally costs you $100 a day to live and eat, but because of the loss, it costs you $200 in hotel and restaurant expenses, the insurer will reimburse you for the additional $100 you have to pay.

4) I am a tenant and my apartment is uninhabitable. Am I entitled to reimbursement of additional living expenses?

These expenses are reimbursable in two situations: if your home has suffered damage insured under your contract or if you have been ordered to evacuate your apartment.

5) Due to the power failure, I lost the contents of my refrigerator and freezer. Is it covered?

Yes, these losses are covered up to a maximum of $1,000. Remember, however, that when making a claim, you must assume the amount of the deductible (commonly referred to as a “deductible”) chosen.

6) My car was damaged due to debris being thrown around. Is it covered?

Yes, these damages are covered if you have purchased “All risks”, “Accident without collision or rollover” or “Specific risks” coverage.

Have you suffered any damage?

  • Contact your insurer immediately.
  • Take measures to avoid further damage to your home.
  • Keep receipts for all expenses, whether for housing, food or housing.
  • Take pictures and videos of damaged property.

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