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Intact Insurance is now one of the largest insurance companies in Canada and has been offering a wide range of services since 2003. Whether it is for your home, your condo, your cottage, for a dwelling or a temporarily rented home, Intact Insurance has everything you need to meet your needs. In addition to all this, Intact Insurance also has insurance solutions for people who operate home-based businesses, who want to obtain coverage for civil liability or even against identity theft. Intact Insurance also offers certain discounts to its customers, which sets it apart from its competitors in terms of marketing and customer service. Here are some examples of the benefits that customers who do business with the company benefit from

  • Discount if you combine your car and home insurance
  • Only one deductible to pay if a claim affects both your car and your home
  • Get up to $1,000 to replace your house locks following a key theft
  • Attractive discounts, which can save you big money!

Ask for more details and to find out which offers match your needs.


Intact Insurance was founded in 1907 in Saint-Hyacinthe under the name of the Insurance Company
Trade Mutual. It was a small company with a mission to
protect local traders from losses caused by fires.

From these modest beginnings, the Commercial Mutual Insurance Company has evolved and, over the years, has
years, became Le Groupe Commerce, then ING Insurance and finally Intact Insurance.
Through this evolution, the company has remained well rooted in the community

In fact, Intact Insurance’s regional head office is still located in Saint-Hyacinthe and
the company continues to be one of the largest employers in the region. In addition, Intact Insurance has
three other large offices located in Quebec City and on the Island of Montreal.
Not to mention all the indirect jobs created by the company’s economic activity in Quebec,
Intact Insurance provides high quality jobs to nearly 4500 Quebecers.

Sustained and significant investments in the brokerage network

Intact Insurance has always believed in broker distribution. This was our choice from the very beginning in
1907 and that is the choice we continue to make. For this reason, Intact Insurance is the
the main large insurance company to invest on a sustained and significant basis, year after year
year, in the development of the damage insurance brokerage network.

For us, the brokerage remains an essential distribution channel to maintain a diversified and relevant offer
for the consumer. Brokers are able to advise professionally and
adequately reach consumers so that they can make informed decisions
as to the products offered to them.

Contact Info:

a. Phone: 1 (866) 477-5050
b. Website

Reviews about Intact Insurance from the web

“I have been trying to get a claim finalized for a flood that happened in October 2017. The claim representative stopped communicating with me in April 2018. Now 9 months later I reported the problems I’ve been having to the rep’s manager who apologized for the long delay and promised to get back to me the next day. That was the last I heard from her. My broker has not been any help. Have you had any success in going up the chain of command? How did you do it?”

“Intact helped me alot during my hard time. I had water damage at home and right after my call insurance guys came. They fixed my house and also pay for my accomodation. Its worth to get that insurance.”

“Never had an insurance claim ever. Determined a water leak at a lower wall behind a dresser. Called Intact insurance, girl who answered was unpleasant, unhelpful and stated that we needed to hire someone at our expense to determine the water leak. Company assigned Todd D as the adjuster. Let me just say that this individual lacks customer service to the extreme. He never visited the house to inspect, he assigned someone he knew Onside restoration just as terrible a company who sent a third party to inspect the house water leak. This was not systematic, I had to continuously call and message to put things in action. Todd D lacked communication from the start (extremely hands-off), never provided a status at each stage, I had to continuously call. He should NOT be an estimator. I not only question the company but their hiring practices as well. Not one person could determine the water leak and with inconclusive data denied the claim which coincidently would have cost me a 1000 dollars for the deductible to begin with. Unfortunately, I was talked into trying Intact insurance, however, I would STRONGLY suggest that you carefully choose another insurance company. Read other reviews, you will notice a common theme. You are better off leaving your house uninsured than to choose Intact insurance. I wish there were negative stars to rate this company.”

“Having made no claims, we are satisfied with the ease of payment, and renewal process.”

“Was somewhat disappointed with this company when my home insurance rate climbed susbstantially, without any claims, and felt the need to shop around for a less expensive alternative. Also, I continue to be disappointed that one can’t specify how much contents insurance one wants to have with a home insurance policy.”

“Excellent experience. One insures to be insured when you truly need it. I had my first home claim in 37 years, and Intact’s Accessor was outstanding, and Intact coverage was prompt and covered all in accordance with my claim. Very positive experience.

“It took a long time for them to call me back when I had questions.”

“Responded quickly and were quite thorough and helpful”

“Staff were friendly, compassionate & did all they could to help us out, making us feel very important to their organization.”

“We had water damage in our basement and with all the bad publicity many insurance companies get weren’t sure if we could get it satisfactorily resolved. We found to our delight Intact was more than fair. Way to go Matthew who showed up at our door within 1 hour of our call and had our claim resolved within 24 hours! Please note that our original contact was with another agent who went on vacation but handed the file to Matthew who did a great job for us!

“No other home insurance provider has been able to match their rate. They were very helpful when I needed to add betterments to my existing policy a number of years ago.”

“No slight on the customer service side as they were great. However, when i purchased tenant insurance for 40$ a month throughout this past year and had a few tools and a bike stolen from the garage, I was informed there would be a $500 deductible due on $630. It’s a good idea if you are prone to starting fires or live in a flood plain, but don’t expect it to cover your run of the day item theft. If the deductible had been discussed at the time of purchasing the policy I never would have went for it.”

“We had a break in and several items were stolen. What should have been a VERY straight forward claim that could have been completed in less than a week, has turned into a brutal nightmare! The adjustor assigned to our file isn’t even located in the same city we live in! Phone calls went unanswered, e-mails were not read and obviously not responded to. I set up a time/day to talk to the adjustor – she was supposed to ring me and didn’t so I rang her and she told me that she didn’t have time to deal with my claim and that break and enters took months to deal with! I asked for the name of her manager as I wanted another adjustor who did have time to work on my claim. I was told that “they” don’t change adjustors…I have filled in a customer satisfaction survey and in the comments I requested a call to talk to someone about my concerns – that was over a month ago and I still haven’t received a call. We are being “nickeled and dimed” to death on this claim. The break in occurred 4 and a half months ago and the claim is still outstanding…this company is a joke!”

“Had a claim and they took good care of it.

“Someone left a shop vac plugged in at a home I own which was under construction. I did not yet have possession of the home and a fire ensued, damaging the brand new everything on the all 3 floors and basement. This happened in Dec. 2015. My own insurance company paid for cleanup and new everything, but I still had to pay a deductible of almost $4000. Intact will not return these monies to me and keep stalling, stalling and stalling – and by the looks of these comments, I may not see my monies ’till December 2016! What a horrible company – I am so glad they’re not my insurance company, who has been awesome throughout this whole process – Thank you State Farm.”

“I had been with ING for years and years and actually had my claim with them. I had a break-in and the adjustor was there within an hour and worked with me to get necessary items quickly. The break-in didn’t even leave any shoes or cleaning supplies – they cleaned the place out. A few years later I had a flood from a really quick thaw. All work done quickly and professionally. Rates went up when they changed to Intact, and I haven’t been as happy with the service, but only minor things like trying to get policy information by phone – no claims with them. However, I do see that all the reviews were very good until 2012, when they dropped like a rocket. What on earth happened? New management?”

“I was pleasantly surprised. Intact was very patient with my questions and when they found out I was a civil servant, she told me that I would get an additional discount!! Yay!”

“We have been very pleased with our insurer; they answer our questions immediately and have been very fast to deal with emergencies that we have had – excellent personnel – made us feel very good to be with them.”

“My home insurance rate with Intact went up 36% in the past year and the deductible was arbitrarily increased from $500 to $1000 with no explanation. I’ve been a customer for 12 years with no claims. CAA quoted me a rate that is almost 50% less for identical insurance and with the lower $500 deductible.”

“At every corner this company has stalled for time and given us the runaround. At one point the contractor of our rebuild had to threaten to stop construction unless they received the first payment. Our adjuster has delayed working on settling/submitting the contents portion of our claim twice by going on holidays. We have been given numerous dates that we would receive reimbursement for our (so-called covered) expense receipts but they always have an excuse for delay. It has been 11 months since we lost our home and we still have no money settlement for our content and have paid out of pocket for fridge, stove, etc. And all of this stress for our 90 year old Grandmother! Think the company might be like, “if we delay long enough…..”

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